Meet your Boss Witch & co-Founder: Kristen Ramezzana

Kristen Ramezzana has been a witch her entire life, and in all of her past lives as well! She been drawn to witchy things like a magnet, before even fully understanding it. (Whenever her mom would take her on errands as a kid, she would pick out “one thing” and it would always be a skull, spell book, or spooky item!) However, she didn’t fully wake up to what she was until she visited Salem, MA for the first time as an adult in 2016. Kristen's soul felt at home, and her life has drastically changed for the better since!

Kristen believes there is SERIOUS power in embracing your most authentic self and connecting to Spirit and intuition. She channels this in her personal life and in her business as well. Kristen is a Relationship and Manifestation Coach, and helps women step into their power, manifest their soulmate, abundance, and the life of their wildest dreams!

Having owned multiple businesses at this point, Kristen speaks from experience when she says that being an entrepreneur is super isolating, as is being a witch. So it goes without saying that being a witchipreneur is lonely as hell. After manifesting her ridiculously awesome friendship with Nikki, they both realized there was a HUGE need for witchy business women to not only meet other likeminded witchipreneurs, but also learn how to develop their magic, both for their businesses as well as for their lives. Kristen and Nikki are about to launch the most badass, life-changing coven you could ever imagine, and are so incredibly grateful to be called to this project in this lifetime!

Meet your Boss Witch & co-Founder: Nikki Colmone

Nikki Colmone has been a witch her whole life (and many other lives) but "woke up" to it when she was 28 years old. She grew up oppressed in religion, constantly feeling as though she was wrong, damned, and not okay. When she stepped out of the broom closet and into her identity, her entire state of being changed.

And now, Nikki teaches women how to do the same. Throughout her life the church, along with various trauma, was lodged in her womb hiding away her power, identity, and femininity. Nikki is the Womb Witch, who helps helps womxn reclaim their Sensual Peace after Sexual Trauma inside her personal business, The Dark Goddess Collective. 

Nikki knows how lonely it is to be on your own as a witch and how defeating it can be to stay unconscious to our shadow selves. When she dove into her own shadow for the first time, she never felt more free or alive and immediately transitioned her business to do the same for others. 

After confronting a lot of trauma and pain in her own life, and several past lives, she developed programs for others to finally break free from all that has held them back their whole lives. 

She is also the Head Shadow Seeker for her Mentor, Danielle Massi, and her program, Create Your Light Academy, where she leads others in shadow work and supports them throughout the process. 

The Boss Witches Coven Mission

We have set out to unite Boss Witches so they hone their craft, step into their power, and raise the vibration of the planet. 

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In the Shadow Worker Membership you will receive: 

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Monthly Moon Circles

1 Monthly Witchy Workshop

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Monthly Witchcraft Education

Quarterly Seances

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In the Exorcist Program you will receive:

A FREE Shadow Worker Membership PLUS:

Access to the Exorcist Private Community

Monthly Entity Workshop

Monthly Education & Assignments on Entities and Removal

Monthly 1 on 1 Shadow Work Appointments


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