A community of witches unafraid to integrate their shadows in order to fully step into their power and claim their identity.


The Boss Witches Coven is for witches who aren't afraid of the dark. Instead, they bring light to the darkness, and reclaim their power in the process.


It's your time to rise up, take control of your life, and attract the abundance you've always desired. 


I want in!

You will never fully be of the light until you dive into your own darkness


Are you tired of feeling stuck, lost, or living below your potential?

Are you weighed down by anxiety, depression, trauma, or repressed emotions?

Do you struggle to break free of toxic patterns and limiting beliefs that feel so deeply ingrained in you?

Do you know you have a huge purpose here, but struggle to uncover what that is?

Are you done shrinking, hiding, holding back and playing small?

Diving into your darkness will set your free! And what better way to do that than in a magical container full of spiritual badasses and soul-aligned friends?


Here’s why this is different than anything else out there: 

  • Most covens only focus on love and light, and run from anything dark or scary. In the Boss Witches Coven, we know that diving into the shadows is the only way to truly be of the light.
  • No other coven will help you heal your trauma (from this life and previous lives), awaken your unique gifts and magic, and facilitate the connection of soulmate friendships!
  • Not many covens or spiritual mentors talk about Entities, how to protect yourself, or how to get rid of them. This coven doesn't turn a blind eye to the scary stuff - we know that just gives it power.
  • This coven is committed to helping raise the collective vibration. We know the cosmic balance is seriously out of whack, and it is our purpose to help restore it! If this coven is calling to your soul, that means YOU are meant to do this work too!




What's Included:

  • monthly full moon circles
  • access to online coven community
  • 10% off all services & products in the coven shop
  • (1) live interactive Witchy Workshop each month
  • (1) live interactive group shadow session each month 
  • (1) live interactive seance per quarter
  • access to self-paced monthly education
  • community coven events!




$968 for the year 

(2 months free when paid in full)



Become a Boss Witch

dive into your darkness and reclaim your power

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