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where you can meet other witchipreneurs, hone your power, increase your education, and start utilizing your magick within your business to be successful as f*ck!

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Make Friends Who Get You

Being an entrepreneur is lonely. Being a witch is even lonelier. So being a witchipreneur is lonely as f*ck! Join an awesome community of boss witches and badass spiritual biz owners and make friends for life!

Step Into Your Power

Hone your craft with consistent education and practice so that you can experience your magical powers to the fullest extent!

Blend Your Magick With Your Business

Weave witchcraft into your badass biz so you can scale your impact, and experience abundance and massive success!

Meet Your Boss Witch & Co-Founder, Kristen Ramezzana


Meet Your Boss Witch & Co-Founder, Nikki Colmone

Boss Witches Coven is LAUNCHING NOW!


The coven officially launches on May 1st, and the presale has already begun!

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